not-worthy but headed to the deep south

met this cool guy Paulo at BF3. great guy. got a facebook invite to twowheelsbrazil to just be a spectator. i rsvp not this year. then they started begging. then i said my new baby almost done cooking. then i got a email that they would love for me to come plus Wils panhead and actually be a guest builder. ughhhh….. babydoll(wife) ? can i go to Brazil?    see you guys soon
i feel so honored to be selected out of god knows how many bike builders to be part of the first twowheelsbrazil show. so to all that are reading this cancel your anything you have planned in late october and fly down to Sao Paulo and support this great show , Joe king , Paulo and all the bike builders.

downtown raleigh,nc

So I remember like it was yesterday, I was in 6th grade. mom and I driving into the city to pay our house mortgage. Prob late cause it would have been much easier to just mail it, but anyways. On our way out of the city , layed the only Hd dealership around. I was a nut for harleys and my mom as well. All I wore was hd shirts with my lil hd leather chain wallet. We prob spent a hr each visit. Some of the greatest moments of my child hood I can remember. Thanks mom