Born Free 6 Invited Builder Video

Born Free 6 is right around the corner and we’re stoked on the this year’s build so make sure to come back and check in for updates on Scott’s Dyna, it’s gonna be everything you’d expect from Noise. Here’s a few pics of what Scott’s been working on.


Giddy Up – Austin, Tejas

Giddy Up’s in the bag, Scott and Jose are home and now it’s time to make tracks on the BF6 bike. Keep your eyes peeled.

home from texas

New button packs

4 pack o’ buttons now available in the store. Like, now.


*BF5 pin and denim jacket not included.

Momma Tried

So you guys know how Scott went to freezing-ass Milwaukee for the Mama Tried bike show last month, right? Some of you were there and saw how amazing it was, for the rest of you that couldn’t make the trip, Scott snapped some pics.


Jan-Feb 2014

Noise Beanie with words

Mama Tried is in the books, Scott’s back to pulling all nighters in the shop and all is right with the world.

Beanies are in the store. Available in any color you want…as long as it’s black.

Sticker pack

The sticker pack is available - slap stickers all over stuff that needs to have stickers slapped all over it!! Examples include stop signs, taco shop bathrooms and your Trapper Keeper.

New handmade key chains are now in the store. Scott hand stamped them all by hand, with his hands and a hammer and a stamp.




Coker Tires just opened a new facility over in our neck o’ the woods and invited us and the BF5 bike to the grand opening, we’ve been using their tires forever so we were stoked to rage with ‘em.  It was a magical evening of free shrimp and other seafoods. Read the whole write up here.

We just got the confirmation, we’re headed to the Brooklyn Invitational in September, Scott’s exact quote was “YESSSSSS!!!!! I’ll be in Brooklyn this year. I’ll have a new sickle. No new babies.” We’ll keep you posted on the babies…

As always you can follow the hi-jinx of the Born Free 6 build here.

We have a bunch of new merch, including a design by the amazing Jason Robson in the store.

If you have Noise stuff on your bike send us a pic and we’ll post it up here.