so today i was listening to some country tunes and thinking about the wide spectrum of music i listen too. old country, blue grass, black gospel, early hip hop, punk, old and new metal and then Hardcore. The first time i heard Hardcore ,something happened that i believe will stay in my heart till the end. yes i’m pushing 40 and don’t really get to shows anymore, but damnit….every time i push play on a HC cd i get goose bumps and wanna mow people down. this song below by Donny Brook came to mind….. 

Hardcore will never die 
Keep it alive within our hearts and minds 
Hardcore we will show our pride for good friends, good music, & good times 
My love will never fade, still burning strong since the first day 
Our lives are lived hard and the weak have no say, we are the strong and we will have our way 

Peel back the flesh and expose my veins 
My blood runs thick and that wont ever change 
Love for the family is strong and here to stay 
Down for the ‘core ’til in my grave I lay 
It’s what I love it’s what I know shoutin’ HARDCORE! ’til the last day 
Demand respect and respect will be paid 
In this for life, somehow some way 
Keep up the fight and show your pride 


  1. says:

    August 1, 2011 at 4:50 am

    I feel the same way, Although my music taste is vast i will always be a HC kid at heart. I’m 31 now and still get out to shows, Not as many as i would like but i try, I’m in a new band and I’m so excited about playing shows again, Most of my friends are settling down but i just want to be young forever, HC will be apart of my life forever!

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