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“A customer brought an ’11 Sportster to the shop and asked for a better looking bike using only the motor and rear wheel from the existing bike. The owner is 6-foot-2 tall and wanted the bike to fit his size better and go as skinny as possible,” explained T-bone. Read more here


The Mighty Motor | Vintage, Classic, Custom Motorcycles, Coast to Coast.This build put forth a whole new set of challenges for Scott, most of them having to do with building around a new Dyna frame, having to move electronics around, and figuring out where the heck he was going to fit the fuel pump. These all seem like they could be simple things, but when you’re building a modern bike with vintage styling, it becomes quite the headache. Read more here


Shovelhead bobbersT-Bone from Costa Mesa, California, United States made available these photographs of his 1973 FX Shovelhead Harley Bobber which is of a real cool narrow “Lane Splitter” design and which for sure is a real head turner. T-Bone: “1973 HD fx shovelhead short narrow chopper. The bike was bought in stock form. This bike was featured in the Horse BackStreet Chopper magazine issue #78. Also featured in the Dice magazine issue #20.” Keep Reading


images (2)Coker Tire had us over for the grand opening of their new spot in Southern California – “While we were out in California for the Grand Opening of our new facility, we had the chance to meet a guy who is one of the best custom motorcycle builders in the world. His name is Scott “T-Bone” Jones, his shop is called Noise Cycles, and this ’52 Harley Panhead is his creation. You know you want to find out more about this race-inspired custom motorcycle, so keep reading to get the full scoop.” Keep Reading


1952-harley-panheadBike Exif did a write up on the ’52 Panhead – “It’s a little embarrassing to realize that we have not featured the work of Scott Jones before. Scott is the man behind California-based Noise Cycles, and he’s one of the most talented custom builders in the USA—if not the world….” Keep Reading



chop_logoChop Cult stopped by the shop back in August for a game of 21 Questions – “…spend some time with Scott “ T Bones” Jones, you come to realize that he’s a man of few words. He prefers to let his custom motorcycles speak for him and boy do they!  Scott spends hours, sometimes days customizing a part to take his motorcycles to the next level. His building process is part mathematician and part madman as seen on his latest build, Sneak Attack. The craftsmanship was over the top, which helped him attain the Born Free 5 Best of Show award and the trip to Yokohama from Mooneyes….Keep Reading


Mighty Motor logoThe Mighty Motor swung by in Sept. 2013 and to have an old fashioned fat chewin’ sesh. – “His name has popped up in conversation more times than I can remember. Held in high regard by many other builders, his reputation had already reached me before I had even met him. What I soon found out is that I was already familiar with most of his work Scott ‘T-Bone’ Jones grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina and started his love affair with motorcycles at a very young age…” Keep Reading


chop_logoChop Cult was nice enough to write up Low Maintenance, a ’96 Evo – “Noise Cycles humbly churns out a wide variety of finely-crafted, interesting motorcycles. While many builders or shops have an indentifiable format, Scott “T-Bone” Jones’ style is more flexible and he has broad range that shows both craftsmanship and diversity. His black gennie Shovel won Best California Bobber and Best in Show earlier this month at the David Mann Chopper Fest in Ventura, CA”… Keep Reading


542164_391480687555809_1440126401_aFlying Monkey did a nice write up of Scott’s Born Free 5 Bike “The 5th edition of Born Free Vintage Chopper & Classic Motorcycle Show took place in Silverado, California late last month. Scott “T-Bone” Jones (the fellow in the ball cap and glasses) of Noise Cycles took the honors of Best in Show and the Harley Davidson 120R Power Plant awards.”… – Keep Reading


hotbike_logo BLKHot Bike did an interview with Scott here’s how it went. “Describe yourself in three words. Born wrong color. Three things you love? Family, friends, and old hip hop. Three things you hate? Drugs, alcohol, deadbeat dads. Why the motorcycle industry? I dropped out of college and got tattoos then started cheating death frequently.” …Keep Reading

Bubble VisorBubble Visor did  a nice write up of Born Free 5. “Okay enough Wheels and Waves for now. Now it’s time for that other show that everybody’s talking about on the other side of the ocean. Born Free, the 5th addition this year. One day I’ll be there to see it with my own eyes but till that day I’m very happy people like Bob send me pictures of this amazing event, thanks dude! “… Keep Reading


logoThe Harley Davidson Blog‘s write up of the ’52 Panhead. “Scott Jones is no stranger to building custom bikes. Strange that we actually never seen his work before. This 1952 Harley-Davidson Panhead won “Best in Show” at Born Free 5 in America. Scott Jones owns Noise Cycles from California (U.S.). From now on we will keep an eye on this talented man.”… Keep Reading

limpnickie2_thumbLimpnickie Lot did a recap of Chopperfest 2012. “In summary, the 9th Annual Chopper Fest kicked serious ass! We finally raffled off the PERRI INK. Chopper Fest custom guitar, and the new owner (Kevin from New Hampshire) is so stoked! Taber and I also sponsored the “best of show” cash prize and we got to pick the winner. I gave it to Scott Jones and his 59 pan/shovel which was well deserved.”…Keep Reading


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