Scott’s Bio

1240007_446942985424326_892274403_nScott “T-Bone” Jones was born in Raleigh, North Carolina in the mid 70′s, the heyday for crazy ass choppers. As a boy he would beg his mother to take him to the local Harley Dealership where he’d wander around for hours, soaking in the raw power, the endless possibilities and the freedom the bikes exuded. By 11 yrs old he was straddling 2 wheels and pissing off farmers. Fast forward 30 some odd years, Scott is now one of the premier chopper builders in the world, respected by his peers, revered by the scene and loved by his wife and kids. Look at the bikes, the work speaks for itself, but if you need a second opinion, here’s what they’re saying about him.

“He’s one of the most talented custom builders in the USA – if not the world” Chris Hunter, Bike Exif

part mathematician and part madman” Lisa Ballard, Chop Cult

“Jones impossibly detailed black and gold 1959 Pan-Shovelhead Harley Davidson was a crowd favorite” Austin Considine, New York Times